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Wedding Dances

Exclusively Dance™ will show you how to perform a beautiful dance for your wedding on the song of your choice.

Private Lessons

Exclusively Dance™ offers Private Lessons, one-on-one instruction designed specifically for your needs. Cha Cha (international/american), Samba, Rumba (international/american), Paso Doble, Jive, Mambo, Bolero, Swing, Waltz (international/american), Tango (international/american), Viennese Waltz, Fox Trot, Slow Fox, Quick Step and Wedding choreography.

Pro/Am Competition

Experience the thrill of competition. Travel the country to prestigious events.


Performances can be arranged such as Corporate events, holiday parties, dinner dances etc.

Group Classes

Group Lessons in the Hawthorne location in the Latin style. 2 classes of Latin Style with emphasis on technique. Call (914) 579-2228 for more details.

  • Private Lesson
  • Package of 10 Private Lessons


Prepare a beautiful dance for your wedding. Nikolai will help you learn and develop the skills to perform a First Dance for you wedding.


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About Nikolai


When Nikolai Shpakov was in his third year of law school in Russia, he was offered a chance to come to New York City to teach ballroom dancing. “I didn’t know what to do,” he said. Should he finish school and become a professional, like his architect father and lawyer mother? Or should he follow his heart and take a chance at success in America as a professional dancer?

Over the past decade, Nikolai has become one of the top-ranked Latin ballroom dancers in America, reaching the finals in prestigious competitions such as the Ohio Star Ball and the United States Ballroom Championship with partners Yana Mazhnikova and Tatiana Banko. In 2011, he began an exciting new chapter in his career by launching a new partnership with 12-time International Latin Champion Tatiana Keegan.

Born in Kazakhstan, Nikolai grew up in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, in the Ural mountain region, and started dancing as a kindergartener. “According to my parents, I was dancing before I learned how to walk,” he said. First it was Russian folk dancing, then jazz, and finally ballroom when he was ten years old (both Latin and Standard). In college, Nikolai made his school’s elite formation team – eight ballroom couples dancing together, with synchronized choreography – that traveled throughout Europe and Russia, helping the team reach #2 in Russia and #8 in the world.

After college, Nikolai was inspired to study law by his mother, a nurse who went back to school to become a lawyer. “I thought I would become a lawyer and keep dancing as a serious hobby,” he says. But dancing has always been what excited him most. He formed a partnership with Yana Mazhnikova and they placed among the top three couples in the Ural/Siberian region in International Latin, which includes Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, and Jive.

Nikolai came to New York with Yana in late 1998 to teach as a couple and they soon found enormous success on the U.S. International Latin ballroom circuit. They placed 3rd in the Ohio Star Ball’s Rising Star division and made it to the finals of the United States Ballroom Championship in 2001 (Rising Star) and 2005 (Open To The World).

When that partnership dissolved in 2005, Nikolai teamed up with Tatiana Banko. Starting in 2006, they had a phenomenal four-year run, reaching the finals a remarkable 44 times, many at highly competitive events such as the Manhattan Dancesport Championship, Emerald Ball, and Heritage Classic. They won seven competitions outright, including the Northeastern Open and the Commonwealth Classic.

Nikolai insists on talking about his partners when asked about his success. “Yana taught me a lot about personal things – how to be more understanding and affectionate – and from Tatiana Banko I learned professional skills like discipline, focus, and determination,” he says. “They have both been so important in helping me reach whatever I have accomplished.”

In January of 2010, when Nikolai and Tatiana Banko split up amicably, Nikolai still felt a burning passion to dance. That’s when he heard that another Russian dancer named Tatiana was looking for a partner. Tatiana Keegan won many top competitions, including the U.S. Ballroom Championship Rising Star division, before she retired in 2003 to marry and start a family. In 2010, she made a comeback with Austrian amateur national champion Werner Figar and the couple placed 31st in the world at the World Championships in Germany.

When Werner ended that partnership to join the Austrian version of “Dancing With The Stars,” Nikolai called Tatiana to suggest a tryout. “At our first tryout, it felt so great to dance with her. She is extremely strong with great energy and amazingly fast – you have to keep up with her!”

When he is not competing, Nikolai runs his own ballroom studio, Exclusively Dance™, in Manhattan and Westchester County and has become one of the top-ranked pro/am teachers in the country. He teaches International style Latin and Standard and American style Rhythm and Smooth.

Now in his 13th year dancing in America, Nikolai says he has no regrets about passing up a career as a lawyer in Russia. “Ballroom dancing is such a great business because you get to work with wonderful people, dance and listen to music all day, and pass your knowledge on to your students,” he says. “I can’t imagine a better life than what I’m doing now.”


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